First it is a mighty tree, then perhaps a beautiful piece of furniture. However, what we are especially interested in is what happens next. Scrap wood can reach us in various ways – for example as production waste from industry and commerce, as well as with bulky waste collections from private households. Whenever it is possible, the wood is already sorted at the place where it comes from, otherwise in special wood processing plants. There our experts, aided by latest technology, make the natural material fit for its »third career«. Already in these days, more than 20% of the approx. 8 million tons of scrap wood occurring in Germany every year are brought to chipboard manufacturers for material recovery.

A very important contribution to the conservation of resources. Because less forests need to be chopped down, and the tree population wins time in order to recover. And when it is not possible to use the scrap wood as a secondary raw material? Then it can serve to produce process steam or electricity in biomass power plants. See? Wood is a really hard-working material, under all circumstances.



At our Competence Centre »Holzkontor« in Bückeburg – as well as at the locations Hannover, Lengede, Georgsmarienhütte, Magedeburg, Lohfelden and Stadum – we prepare scrap wood of various qualities. In order to do so, we separate it first. Not by species such as oak, beech, pine etc. but according to the four categories (AI to AIV) which are most important for processing: natural, glued, coated or treated wood. These groups are then crushed separately and freed of interfering substances and foreign objects like nails, fittings and other unwanted materials. With great precision, and in a fully automatic process


Europe-wide collection of scrap wood and delivery of the recovered secondary raw materials


As secondary raw material e.g. for chipboards or as secondary fuel in accordance with legal provisions


The provision of storage and reloading space, necessary due to the high space requirements


Various logistical solutions including the use of port and rail connections on location

Did you know ...

… that our goal is to keep the scrap wood, which amounts to approx. 8 million tons per year in Germany alone, in the materials circle whenever possible? In this way over 20% of the total quantity find their way to chipboard or laminate manufacturers.


Founded: 2002
Locations: 2
Employees: 17


  • Processing of scrap wood and woody waste of all qualities
  • Trimodal handling via road, inland waterway and railway
  • Provision of storage and reloading space
  • Europe-wide collection of scrap wood and delivery of the derived secondary raw materials