In its impressive history, paper – in combination with reading and writing – has always been the key to knowledge. So it seems only fair that, when it comes to its recycling, we make use of all the knowledge available to us. This leads to an extremely high recycling quota: corrugated cardboards, newspapers, tissue and gift paper, as well as packages made from cardboard can consist of up to 100% waste paper. These amazing possibilities make waste paper a real star among recycling materials. In Germany alone 15 million tons of the rustling secondary raw material are collected in Germany year. And with a lot of commitment: in Germany and many other countries the separate collection of waste paper is a natural part of daily life.

Whether private households, industry and commercial enterprises, authorities or universities – large amounts of the raw material can accumulate in many different places. For each requirement we offer tailor-made solutions in the form of various containers, so the collection can be managed quickly and smoothly. There is the saying »Nothing is as old as yesterday’s newspaper«. But this can change fast, once it is turned into tomorrow’s newspaper. Which happens at Tönsmeier virtually around the clock.


Together with the Dutch marketing company Waste Paper Trade, we process more than 1.3 million tons of waste paper for recycling purposes. The global network of Waste Paper Trade makes sure that our clients can participate in international trading activities. Thus they benefit at all times – in a constantly changing market – from the best possible acceptance and marketing of their raw materials. And nature is given a break to breathe.


Guarantee of highest quality thanks to separate collection of different types of waste paper


Individual sorting processes for the paper-processing industry based on client requirements


Appropriate provision of waste paper, which thus can enter the materials cycle once more


Important role in the paper-processing industry thanks to an internationally active network

Did you know ...

… that via Waste Paper Trade (WPT) Tönsmeier offers its clients a highly efficient on-site service – with its own distribution offices in the major market areas of Europe regarding the paper trade?


Founded: 1994
Locations: 10
Employees: 45


  • Acceptance, processing and marketing of raw
  • materials based on waste paper and used plastics


Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia
Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia
Spain, Italy, France