»First of all« instead of »by the way«

In many companies, the issue of sustainability seems more like a kind of decorative attachment – to us it is the foundation of our business. Therefore we made the step from a disposal company to a supply company long ago, both in our minds and in practice. We see ourselves as a modern environmental services provider who creates added value. Not just for our clients, but also for the environment and society.

Our capacity of sustainable management
is built on three stable pillars.

1. Innovation

If you want to make real progress, you have to think outside of the box. At Tönsmeier, it is an integral part of our company culture to develop unusual ideas. For instance, in the 90s we were among the pioneering partners who helped to introduce the Dual System in Germany. And in the same spirit we are figuring out methods today to recover recyclable material from landfills – a new technology called »Landfill Mining«. To name but two examples.

2. Efficiency

Every unnecessary way is one way too much. Every unnecessary gram of CO2 is one gram too much. With this attitude, we are constantly optimising our processes – from logistics to the handling of waste, or rather of hidden values. In this context, the processing into secondary raw materials is our primary goal. Only if this is not possible, the energetic use comes into play as the next best alternative.

3. Responsibility

Germany is a country that has not exactly been blessed with raw materials. The same is true for Europe as a continent. So it is all the more important to use the existing resources economically, not to become too dependent on other countries, and to work on promising alternatives. As you can see: responsibility for the environment and the population goes hand in hand. And we are glad to take on this dual role.

There is always a way.

There is always a way.

An overview of recycling paths of different materials.

Tons of new possibilities

Tons of new possibilities

Our brochure »Discovering Hidden Values« for downloading.